Your new professional voice

 All members should have received in the mail by now their membership cards to the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners (the ACCDP). 

The ACCDP is a new professional College the ASU has established to ensure workers are at the front-and-centre of discussions and decisions about their work – how it is defined, what standards are set and how those standards are implemented.

There are many conversations that happen all the time behind closed doors involving employers or governments. We want to ensure workers control and shape these discussions.

All ASU members are automatically members of the ACCDP at no extra cost. This is another benefit of being a member of the ASU!

For the first two years the ACCDP will have a board made up of front-line workers as well as some academics and employers. Members will be consulted every step of the way in the formation of this new professional body.

If you have any questions you can contact Dr Katherine Barnsley, Executive Director of the ACCDP: [email protected]