Paid Isolation Leave

We are calling on the Federal Government to implement Paid Isolation Leave for all workers.

As the country begins to open up, if you need to isolate, quarantine, or cannot attend work because you or someone you care for is exposed to COVID-19 you should have Paid Isolation Leave. 

Read ASU Secretary Natalie Lang's Opinion Piece in the Sydney Morning Herald here.

Workers who make the difference deserve nothing less.

Community and disability workers are among the most exposed workers to the risks of COVID. This is because for many services working from home is not possible. Physical distancing can be difficult when you are providing direct care and support.

COVID 19 Occupation Risk Assessment data graph

According to the Doherty Institute’s modeling, being vaccinated will reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus by between 86 and 93%. Vaccinations will be a key part of keeping workplaces safe.

table showing COVID19 vaccine effectiveness as percentages

But on top of being vaccinated we also need to support workers to be able to Test, Trace, Isolate and Quarantine if they are exposed to COVID.

This will further reduce the risk of COVID spreading at work.

For TTIQ to work, all workers need paid isolation leave as a new industrial entitlement. Without paid isolation leave, services will struggle to function because workers should not have to go without pay when they are exposed to COVID at work.

You are the workers on the front line of the pandemic. You are the heroes of the pandemic. You are essential workers and Paid Isolation Leave is an essential entitlement.

Vaccination + TTIQ Leave = safer workplaces for everyone

Marcie ASU member “As front-line workers we are at high risk and have to be constantly tested. I got tested the other day and it took six days to get the results back, it took so long because there were so many people getting tested in my region. I couldn’t work during this time and I missed out on $900 worth of pay - I have bills to pay and I have a young child to support. Having isolation leave will make a huge difference. COVID can put us out of work due to the time we need off to get tested and to isolate. We need paid isolation leave because we are essential workers and it will help us support the people we care for.” - Marcie Burt
Michelle “COVID places stress on our families because we have an increase risk of being a close or casual contact due to our work on the front-line. Not being paid for isolating is a huge determent the community, and will make many re-think their career path. There are staff who are contemplating leaving the industry due to the high demand of covid testing and isolating without pay. We need paid isolation leave to keep good workers in the sector.” - Michelle Doan

What you need to do

Thousands of community workers are taking a stand together to make our workplaces safer. Join the Workers Make the Difference campaign by joining the ASU today.

1. Sign the petition for paid TTIQ (isolation) leave for all workers

2. Pass a resolution at a special online union meeting with your colleagues in support of the campaign

3. Ask your employer to support paid TTIQ (isolation) leave and help us campaign for the Government to fund this entitlement for all community workers, no matter how you are employed.

Download a printable factsheet about Isolation Leave here.