Workers Make The Difference

Community and disability sector workers deserve to be supported, safe and happy at work.

Every worker in the community and disability sector should have:

  • regular support and training at work,
  • paid time off for holidays and breaks, including long service leave,
  • paid time off for when you are unwell or need to care for others,
  • a secure job in community services – not fixed-term contracts linked to funding cycles
  • paid isolation leave when you must isolate due to COVID.

You deserve to be valued for the difference you make.

Join your union and be part of the campaign to be properly valued for the difference you make every day.

What are portable entitlements?

Portable entitlements mean that all workers can access entitlements like leave regardless of how they are employed, where they work, or if they change jobs.

Read more about portable entitlements and what they mean for you.