Workers Make The Difference

You make a difference every day and deserve to be valued for what you do.

Every worker in the community and disability sector should have:

  • regular support and training at work,
  • paid time off for holidays and breaks, including long service leave,
  • paid time off for when you are unwell or need to care for others,
  • a secure job in community services – not fixed-term contracts linked to funding cycles.

This will keep you supported, safe and happy at work because it will value the difference you make. Joining your union and being part of the campaign is the first step to being properly valued for the difference you make every day.

We are campaigning for portable entitlements (like long service leave) for all community workers.


What are portable entitlements?

Portable entitlements mean that all workers can access entitlements like leave regardless of how they are employed, where they work, or if they change jobs. 

For example, all community services workers get long service leave in the ACT, Victoria, and Queensland based on the years they have worked in the sector – not the years they have worked for a particular employer. This applies to casuals too. 

Portable leave entitlements are like superannuation – something that you carry with you from job to job and build over time to take when you are ready to take them. Portable sick leave in the pandemic would have made a big difference. 

Why do we need portable entitlements like long service leave in community services?

Government policies like competitive tendering and short-term contracts have made jobs less safe and secure in community services. There are fewer permanent jobs available, but there is always an ongoing need for community services. Portable entitlements like long service leave will recognise your service to the community sector – not just to one employer. It would mean that you are able to have a well-earned break for the difference you have made for the communities you serve. 

You deserve to be valued for the difference you make. It means all community workers would have access to basic entitlements that other essential workers like nurses and teachers have. 

How would community services benefit from community workers having portable entitlements?

If community workers had access to portable long service leave, it would mean that workers would be recognised for their experience and contribution to the sector. It would mean access to well-earned breaks from work to be able to have the time off to recharge. It would also mean that as contracts change, experienced workers could carry their leave with them to new providers and not have to go back to zero leave entitlements for doing the same work with the same communities. 

Communities deserve the benefit of being supported by workers who know they are valued. This is what portable entitlements can deliver! You deserve no less than the rights and entitlements of every other worker in the Australian economy.



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