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It’s our Harbour, our sun-kissed beaches and that childhood rite of passage of running through the backyard sprinkler with your siblings.

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So much of our city’s identity is drenched in water - it’s not Sydney without Sydney Water.

Sydney’s Harbour and beaches, and the very water we drink is kept safe, clean and protected by Sydney Water, which operates for the people of Sydney. 

Every dollar goes back to us and last year Sydney Water returned $548 million, thanks to improvements implemented by the Sydney Water workforce.

That’s enough to fund an extra 4,680 nurses or 4,936 teachers.

It was also enough to reduce our water bills by $100 pa, making our Sydney Water safe, clean, protected and cheaper! 

We shouldn’t put at risk the things that make our city great, and making our harbour, beaches and drinking water a source of profit does just that.

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It’s not Sydney without Sydney Water is in no way, endorsed by or affiliated with, the Sydney Water Corporation. Yet.