We Won't Wait

We know that domestic violence can happen to anyone. We know that many ASU members will have a direct experience of domestic violence or will have worked with those affected by domestic violence. 

Sign the petition for 10 days' paid Domestic Violence Leave now.

1. Paid domestic violence leave is an important universal right all workers should have access to. 

We know that women have been murdered on the way to or from work because when they try to leave an unsafe home the perpetrator of violence knows where they work.

Women need to know that their workplace has a commitment to supporting them through paid leave to speak out, seek help and take action if they are affected by domestic violence. Economic dependency traps people in violent relationships. 

This important workplace right will save lives. 

2. The provision of timely, effective and expert non-judgemental support for women experiencing violence.

We know that this type of support can make all the difference to whether a woman successfully rebuilds her life and achieves safety.

This means quality support from a range of services must be available - in particular specialist women-led women’s services. Recent funding cuts at all levels of government have had a dramatic effect on women-led women’s services.

We need all governments to come together and provide a new national funding agreement to fill the urgent gaps in service delivery, provide genuine holistic care and support for women, and ensure that women-led women’s services are sustainable into the future.

Sign the petition for 10 days' paid Domestic Violence Leave.


Why We Won't Wait