We Won’t Wait – and we will win!

We won Equal Pay on the ground, through organising and mobilising. We were determined and held a never say never attitude during our decades-long hard fought campaign.

Now members in women’s services are campaigning for universal access to paid domestic violence leave. The We Won’t Wait campaign also calls for stable and secure funding to women’s led services. 

It’s time to mobilise again.

On 9 December all Premiers will meet with the Prime Minister. We need to get Mike Baird, NSW Premier, to support our call for universal paid domestic violence leave at this meeting. We’ll be calling all NSW Government MPs to put pressure on the Premier and the Government. 

Do you have five minutes on 8 December to call your local MP?

We want the Premier to go into his meeting knowing this is an issue across the state, in every electorate. 

Click here to sign up to the We Won’t Wait campaign and register to make a call on 8 December. 

Find out more about the issue by viewing this piece on Ten News about our campaign.