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When was the last time you went through a restructure in Sydney Water, that you enjoyed the experience and things turned out better? Why have we all been subjected to the Blue Bus training over the last year and nothing changes? Have you ever seen a policy and procedure that reflects the Blue Bus principles? Well, it might be all about to change.

You have told us that there are flaws with organisational change practices within Sydney Water. On one hand, we are all being told to get on the Blue Bus, but the policies, procedures and managers are strapped in tight on the Red Bus.

So, it’s with great anticipation that Sydney Water are proposing Blue Bus consultation principles be incorporated into the organisational change process. Your Union will commence member involvement in a joint working party over the next few months. So, it might finally be about the journey and not the destination.



Unions have won a 25% pay rise for casuals working Saturday, Sundays, Public Holidays and overtime in the community sector.

The ASU has been calling for this since the Award changed 9 years ago.

The Fair Work Commission's recent decision means that casuals in the community and disability must be paid their 25% casual loading in addition to overtime time and weekend penalty rates.

Weekends are important - it's when most people get time away from work to spend with friends and families. The Fair Work Commission's decision recognises that casual workers have friends and families too.

Unions won the weekend, and we will always strive for fair weekend and overtime rates.

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The ongoing fight for dignity and respect at work continues with Sydney Water over time and attendance issues. Sydney Water has been reluctant to address members’ concerns, going as far as saying the matter is closed. Members at Parramatta have met and resolved to continue to escalate this dispute. The matter will be closed when members accept it has been resolved.

The union survey in August had over 200 member responses and confirmed that our members are angry at the double standards that are being applied to staff working out of Parramatta.

Sydney Water has responded after pressure from ASU members with a proposal to move forward. We will distribute the proposal shortly for membership consultation and action. Look out for our bulletin for meeting details and talk to your Delegates about getting involved in our fight for dignity and respect at work.

Rally for climate action

The Australian Services Union is proud to support the school strikers’ Global #ClimateStrike on September 20 and the young leaders who are demanding real and immediate action on climate change.

In Sydney, we’ll be meeting at 11:30am at the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park. ASU members will also be at rallies in Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong and Lismore.

Join ASU members on September 20 at climate change rallies across the country.



The long-standing issue of Network Tech classifications grinds on. Sydney Water management have delivered the job evaluation information we have been seeking for months. The information relates to the establishment of Network Techs in 2010 and the path to where we are now.

Our members are campaigning for Sydney Water to recognise the increasing complexity and responsibility of their role. This has come with Sydney Water management threatening Network Techs that they will regress them back to level 7. What colour Bus are they supposed to be on again?

The Net Techs have stared down these threats and will not be devalued or dissuaded from the valuable role they play and the recognition they seek.  Union members have elected delegates from the depots, building our solidarity and preparing for the campaign for recognition. We will let you know how this develops.



We Wont Wait at ASU branch council

The current policy was a joint effort between the ASU and Sydney Water in 2017 to provide workplace support to employees experiencing domestic violence. Domestic Violence has no place at work nor in our communities. Sydney Water should be acknowledged for their continued support for this initiative.

Our members have experienced difficulties accessing leave and have experienced unwanted interventions from local managers. These interventions have created anxiety for members who are already under great stress.

ASU was explicit when the policy was developed that Management needed to put in place systems and processes that avoid undue stress employees who are experiencing domestic violence. This policy is currently being reviewed so let’s make it work better for everyone.



The reaffirmation of having a safe, inclusive and healthy environment where everyone can bring their true selves to work and contribute to Sydney Water’s success is important. Sydney Water has floundered over recent times to make any significant gains across all diversity groups.

It’s time to call this out.

Members are demanding:

  • the identification and removal of barriers to participation by diversity groups currently employed,
  • the establishment of initiatives to create more meaningful employment opportunities within Sydney Water
  • a profile that Sydney Water is committed to be an inclusive and diverse employer of choice.
  • Linking community engagement and educational institutions to the diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • that job security, flexibility and work/ life balance is the key to a successful contemporary workplace that values its employees.

 If you want to be part of the campaign that delivers for everyone contact your ASU Delegate today.


Sydney Water picnic day will be Friday 4 October 2019.

The recently approved Water NSW EA has formally moved the Picnic Day to a period between Christmas and New Year. The ASU has raised the issue with Water NSW management to facilitate RDOs for members on the Friday before the October long weekend.



David delegate

David works for Sydney Water Finance Supply Chain, Warehouse and Distribution and has been an ASU member for 18 years.

David was elected as an ASU delegate last year. 

"Our conditions were not handed to us by Sydney Water because they wanted too. We have had to organise, build unity, stand up and fight for them. The ASU are our voice and represents us at work. They have been with us every step of the way." - David

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