Thank You Mr Maher

We have a proud history in our Transport Division of punching above our weight. We are smart and strategic, and because of this have delivered unprecedented outcomes in negotiations that have been the envy of other public sector unions.

This has only been achieved through an active engaged membership, a collegial delegates’ network and the leadership of our Transport Committee of Management (TCoM).

This year marks a changing of the guard in TCoM. We welcome new faces to TCoM and a new President in Zak. I know that they will rise to the challenge of maintaining our legacy. We say goodbye to some not so new as well.

After many years the legendary John Maher has finally retired- though I am yet to be convinced that he will be able to stay away from the good fight! John epitomises what it means to be union. He sees injustice at work and he challenges it. He takes great offense when others take liberties.

He sees the big picture, supporting new members and delegates into their roles as part of our smart and strategic collective. John’s contribution to the ASU cannot be overstated. On behalf of our members I would like to thank John for his tireless work and congratulate our new TCoM and look forward to standing with them as we face the challenges ahead.

- Natalie Lang, Branch Secretary