Tenants' Union ACT Not for Sale

ASU members at the Tenants' Union ACT were shocked when the ACT Government decided to put their service out to tender. Today we launched a campaign to tell the ACT Government: Tenants' Union ACT is NOT FOR SALE.

Over 60 people gathered to launch our campaign at the Tenants' Union (TU) in Canberra and to hear from staff and renters about the essential role the TU plays in the Canberra community.

Executive Officer Deb Pippen said she was completely shocked by the ACT Government's decision to put this vital community service out to tender. This decision means the Tenants' Union could face closure.

ASU Secretary Natalie Lang said if a bigger non-specialist organisation put in a lower offer, members could lose jobs and tenants will not be represented with the same expertise.

Renters also came out to tell their story about the valuable and to-the-point advice the TU has given them.

The Tenants' Union is the only independent, community run, specialist service for tenants in the ACT. The Tenants' Union was established 38 years ago by grassroots community members in Canberra for this sole purpose.

It has been funded since 1994 by the ACT Government to do its vital work supporting Canberra renters. In that time it has supported more than 50,000 people and their families.

The Tenants' Union ACT should not be defunded. It’s ongoing funding should be increased so it can continue to provide quality services to the Canberra community and ensure its staff are paid properly.

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