Sydney Water Delegate Conference

Over 50 union delegates from Sydney Water came together for our annual Delegate Conference.

We’re essential workers - we kept our water safe and clean during the fires, floods, drought and now we’re testing the water for COVID. We can’t afford a pay cut. Our communities need a pay rise.

We deserve to be valued and respected at work. Delegates spoke about our plans for the 2021 Enterprise Agreement. 

We spoke about what we would do with an extra $30 per week. We watched this short video from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union:

Delegates will be asking all Sydney Water union members to be part of our photo petition by downloading one of these signs and sending your photos back to your Organiser Mick Woods or Monica Dos Santos.

Download a poster for your workplace here:

Download your selfie Signs and posters

Print and write your own message:

Sydney Water Delegates unanimously voted to endorse the following conference resolution:

We are proud to work for Sydney Water and of our roles in delivering world-class water and wastewater services to more than five million people a day. 

Every day we ensure that Sydney Water provides high quality customer services, safe and clean beaches, water ways and drinking water and well-maintained water infrastructure. Our work is complex and evolving and we are constantly required to do more with less.

We have assisted on the front line during devastating bushfires and floods, tested wastewater for fragments of the COVID-19 virus to support NSW Health’s COVID-19 response and promoted water conversation to maintain water supplies during drought.

Our work is essential and is respected and valued by the communities we serve. These communities are aware that a properly paid and securely employed workforce is essential to the delivery of high-quality water services. These communities also recognise that wage increases lead to increased spending, producing good outcomes for the economy and for job creation and local businesses.

We condemn Sydney Water’s shameful EA proposal to cut our pay and conditions which is out of step with community expectations.

We endorse the plans outlined today to campaign in our communities and workplaces to protect and improve our pay and conditions and to fight against Sydney Water’s attacks on our EA.