Stories from members

At House with No Steps, ASU delegates have been working collaboratively with managers to develop a new way of doing rosters where all workers get to have a genuine say in the development of their roster and ensure that all rosters are compliant with best practice standards and entitlements about breaks, shift length and appropriate penalty rates.

Congratulations to all ASU members who have worked on this project over the last few months. 

At Mission Australia, members are getting ready for some big changes that are coming. Mission Austraila has launched a new for-profit company called Mission Providence. This company is a joint-venture with an American for-profit company called Providence Services Corporation.

Because it is a for-profit company, Mission members in employment services will lose their salary packaging benefits when they are transferred to the new company.

Members at Mission Australia are currently getting organised – signing up to the union and electing delegates across workplaces. This is in spite of a strong reaction from management who have resisted union meetings being held in the workplace.

ASU members had a victory when they forced the new for-profit company Mission Providence to issue new contracts to its staff last month to ensure their rights were protected.

This is just the first step. Good luck to Mission Australia members in your campaign to protect your conditions and for respect at work!