Stay on Track

Union members at Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink are standing together to protect our pay and conditions at work.

We are essential workers and we deserve to be valued and respected.

Right now, we're sending a clear message to Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink that we demand job security and a fair pay rise. Download a background (see below) to use on your next Teams Meeting and add a banner to your email signature.

We need NSW TrainLink and Sydney Trains to stay on track. Now is not the time for pay cuts or job losses. Have any questions? Contact ASU Organiser Amanda Perkins.

What Protected Industrial Action can I take as an ASU Member?

Members of the ASU have voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action in support of a fair enterprise agreement at Sydney Trains and NSW Trains. You are now legally entitled to take protected industrial action. The law protects you from any repercussions from you exercising your legal right. There are penalties for managers and Organisations that do not respect your rights.

1. You can wear and display union and industrial campaign material.

If you work in any role that sends any email to internal and/or external stakeholders or customers, simply add the below text to your email signature:


2. If you communicate with the public using any method you may make an announcement using the following wording.

Including via station announcements, long line PA, remote announcements, via social media, in person or by telephone

“I am an employee of Sydney Trains or NSW Trains. During the last few years, we have been working hard during a global pandemic to support the NSW Public in travelling to and from their essential commitments. We are disappointed that the NSW Government, Sydney Trains and NSW Trains are refusing to enter into one agreement that provides a fair, respectful and dignified workplace, recognising the work we have all put in together to keep NSW moving during this difficult time.”

3. For social media, post the following image periodically throughout your shift:

Sign on a station platform reads \

4. If you participate in Teams Meetings internally or externally change your Teams Background (see more options below).


5. You can ban performing work that is subject to bans by other unions within Sydney/NSW Trains.

Bans on:

  • Working with non-Sydney Trains or direct hire employees.
  • Electrical isolations except if required in emergencies.
  • Performing work for NSW Trains.
  • Front of train examinations.
  • Performing work in connection with non-timetabled trains.
  • Car balancing
  • Performing work in connection with unplanned track work

Bans on:

  • Infrastructure ban on working in higher duties
  • Issuing transpositions

6. From 7am Thursday 23rd September ASU members will be able to

  1. Work to Rule (i.e. strictly follow policies and procedures, working strictly to your Position Description and no unremunerated work)

  2. Refuse to be on call

  3. Ban Interagency work - for example, if you are employed by Sydney Trains you don't perform work for NSW Trains or any other entities.

Virtual Backgrounds





Email Signatures