What do you think about skills and qualifications in community and disability sectors?

Community and disability sector work is increasingly more complex and demanding and consequently, the set of skills and qualifications in our sector is also changing.

ASU members are highly skilled professionals so it should be you, ASU members, who determine and drive the future of skills, qualifications and training needed for the community and disability sectors. Can you take 10 minutes to comment on your current skills and qualifications, and the qualifications and skills you would like to develop?

Click here to do the ASU National Survey now!

This is an important survey that will inform our campaign for better training and careers for all workers in community and disability services. The survey is open until the end of the year.

The Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners (ACCDP), established by ASU members to give workers a stronger voice in setting the professional standards in the sector, will be coordinating this survey across the country.

By being an ASU member you’re automatically an ACCDP member, at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to have a meeting to discuss the survey with your colleagues contact Helen Westwood at the ACCDP who will be in touch to help set that up. 

And please feel free to share the survey with your colleagues by forwarding this email.