Shameful Move by Qantas

Update 6th May 2021: Qantas to keep head office in Sydney, Jetstar in Melbourne

Qantas has already announced 8,500 job cuts since the beginning of the pandemic and the Federal Government have handed over $500 million in subsidies like JobKeeper to Qantas without any protections for the workers. 


“This is yet another move by Qantas to rattle the cage of the workforce”. - ASU Secretary Natalie Lang spoke to 7NEWS about Qantas' shameful plans.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, Linda White from the Australian Services Union said the announcement was difficult for staff, who the airline was threatening to move around like "pieces on the chessboard". "People are stood down or they've survived the redundancies, and the next thing Qantas says, let’s pile on something else," Ms White said.

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