Scott Morrison's Productivity Commission

Scott Morrison's Productivity Commission opens the door to multinational for-profit providers in family services, child protection, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health and drug and alcohol services

Family and community services like domestic violence services, mental health, and homelessness services are about to be opened up to multinational for-profit corporations to profit from if Scott Morrison gets his way!

On the eve of the last Federal Election, and after public pressure from ASU members, Scott Morrison ruled out allowing providers to profit from the provision of essential community services like homelessness and domestic violence services. But then just a week ago Scott Morrison's Productivity Commission inquiry handed down its initial report - and the report did not rule out allowing for-profit providers to tender for these types of community services funding. We cannot let this go unchallenged. 

Read more about the report here. 

Their final recommendations are expected mid next year – so we need you to help get the message out to local MPs about why for-profit providers should not be able to make money from community services! 

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