Week of Action: June 29 – July 3!

Funding cuts from the Federal Department of Social Services will come into effect after June 30 for many  community services.  

Join ASU members around Australia who will be speaking out against this loss in services to some of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Services affected include services providing emergency relief, carer respite, children youth & family services, community mental health, financial counselling.

You can take part in the week of action by:

  • Holding a union meeting in your workplace to:
    • move a motion calling for the reinstatement of Department of Social Services funding to services affected by the cuts
    • send a message of solidarity for ASU members and their clients affected by the cuts to Margaret and we will put it up on our Facebook page
    • Write a letter to your local Federal MP expressing your concerns about the cuts
    • Ask non-members to join the campaign and join the ASU. Strength in numbers!
    • Displaying and distributing ASU Save Our Local Community Services stickers
    • Wearing your ASU Save Our Local Community Services badges at work each day during the week
    • Asking your clients and supporters to sign ASU Save Our Local Community Services postcards to show support for your service – we don’t know who will be next to be affected by the Coalition’s wrecking ball. Depending on your service’s funding you can present these to your local Federal or State MP.

If you want postcards stickers or badges we can post or deliver them to you by emailing your postal and location details to Margaret.

The funding processes have been very ad hoc and not transparent it's for a reason – to keep us quiet!

Our campaign has been working and there have been small backflips in some funding areas over the last few months.

We must continue to highlight the devastating impact of these cuts and campaign to protect our local community services.