Save Equal Pay Rallies Delayed

This week's Save Equal Pay Rallies have been delayed so to not put workers and clients at risk during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a difficult decision on Friday 13 March, ASU Secretary Natalie Lang announced that all rallies would be postponed til further notice. 

This does not mean the campaign to save funding in the community sector is delayed. 

Now more than ever, we need our community and disability services. The Federal Government must not rip $500 million out of this essential, frontline sector.

Activist groups are now coming together to make calls to local MPs, asking them to join the campaign.

We still have to fight to save funding and Save Equal Pay. The rallies have been postponed, but we must still have our voices heard. You can still make a difference - send us your #SaveEqualPay selfie so we can show politicians why we need funding.