Women's Safety Summit

The Federal Government is holding a National Women’s Safety Summit on 6 and 7 September.

We have an opportunity to shape the plan to reduce violence against women and hold this Government to account.

This week over 60 ASU members from frontline women's services attended a briefing to discuss the issues we want at the forefront of the Summit.

It’s time for action, not another talkfest by the Federal Government.

Together, we can drive immediate action and long-term strategies for women including

  • introducing universal 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave,
  • fully implementing the 55 recommendations in the Respect@Work Report
  • ensuring that workplace sexual harassment is a Workplace Health & Safety Issue; and
  • securing long-term funding for women’s services across Australia.

Meet Nadia

Message to Men from Brad Chilcott, White Ribbon

Working From Home When Home Isn't Safe

In conjunction with Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, the ASU has produced a guide to help you assist your colleagues who may be in need. The guide details how to:

  • Identify warning signs and cues that colleagues working from home may be at risk;
  • Support your colleagues experiencing family-based violence;
  • Have your employer develop an organisational response;
  • Find services to provide support;
  • Enrol in training with Rape and Domestic Violence Australia.

Download our guide "Working From Home When Home isn't Safe?

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