women in retirement survey

On average, women retire with 46.6% less superannuation than men.

46.6% - are we really worth half a man? It is alarming to think women will retire with half the superannuation of men, and appalling to think women might retire in poverty.

Last year we conducted a wide-ranging survey on financial security in retirement. Your experiences shaped our submission to the Senate Inquiry into the economic security of women in retirement, with the final Senate report echoing our findings.

We need to continue to raise gender inequality in retirement, that the gender earnings gap only worsen when a woman leaves employment. Can you help by completing a short survey about your experiences? Complete our survey on the status of superannuation.

We want to build on our 2015 survey and continue our campaign to change the outcomes for women in retirement. Your participation means we can strengthen our case to Government and gain further community support, so please take five minutes to complete our new survey.