Resources Restructure Debacle

ASU Delegates and officials met with Qantas management in Sydney.

There was more detail on how the restructure is going to work and it is not pretty, in fact we have significant concerns that it will not work.

Hidden in the small print is the fact that Qantas is intending that the new centralised Sydney base resource allocators and planners will need to be familiar with Customer Service, Ramp & Fleet rostering and be able to “flex” across resource areas for more than one airport.

Despite this added work and responsibility, the proposal is that the total number of staff doing this work will be less than the current numbers doing the work.

Also to make things work, all the forms you fill in and give to resources will have to be emailed to Sydney (good luck finding a computer that works!). Qantas says staff will not suffer any difference in services… Qantas management also believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus!

Your delegates have also seen draft rosters for the centralised resources staff, they were not compliant with fatigue guidelines, made no provision for RDOs or leave and had few weekends off. This does not bode well.

It also seems that for the system to succeed Qantas will depend heavily on the resources staff who are being made redundant, helping the company to construct manuals and information to teach the people taking their jobs. Years of expertise are to be converted in to a few paragraphs.

We raised more queries and questions which the company has to go away and answer. Many people have already signed our petition to stop this mad restructure, please add your name to this petition as soon as you can.

Got any questions? If you have questions or want to help get signatures for the petition contact your local ASU delegate.