Qantas EBA 12

Upcoming Union Meetings

  • Sydney International Terminal: Wednesday October 19 1100-1200 Oasis Room on Level 3
  • Freight: Wednesday October 19 1230-1330 Clerical lunch room Link Rd 
  • Qantas Campus: Wednesday October 19 1100-1200 QCC3 Meeting room 2

We will be providing members with updates from your ASU delegates on the national negotiation team and be consulting with members on your priorities. 

Come and hear the latest about the negotiations, the scope of the EA, and what your union is doing to win fair pay rises, better working conditions, and stop Qantas cutting the safety net for over 1000 staff.

We will be talking to members about how you can be involved in achieving your Log of Claims.

Any questions? Contact your ASU Organisers:

Alex Mcleay 0455 566 498 [email protected]

Connor Daly 0458 536 628 [email protected] 

ASU Log of Claims

1. A fair wage increase that values your work and enables workers to keep up with the rising costs of living.

2. Qantas paying the bonus owing since 2018 for your significant contribution to Qantas

3. Improving rostering and leave arrangements to ensure they are fair, give work/life balance, and align with best safety practices.

4. Ensuring job security by improving consultation and agreement about major changes; and limiting the use of contractors and providing a commitment that jobs will not be outsourced.

5. Introducing transparent and fair rules around standing employees down from work that minimises the negative impact on staff.

6. Ensuring union representatives are recognised and respected so that ASU delegates can properly and fairly represent members at work.

7. Modernise parental leave provisions to ensure they are gender-neutral and give all parents (primary and secondary carers) the chance to build a meaningful relationship with their children.

8. Paying superannuation on all periods of parental leave.

9. Improving processes like payroll mistakes and transferring between Qantas subsidiaries.

10. Improving staff travel entitlements.

11. Formalising arrangements that are currently inside letters.

12. Improving the classification structure to recognise and value the skills and professional expertise of Qantas Employees and protect workers from underpayments

13. Filling all vacant full-time roles using a transparent selection process agreed with the ASU.

14. Improving rights and procedures for Flexible Work Arrangements.

15. Abolishing junior rates of pay, and

16. Protecting or improving all of our existing terms and conditions.