Get the full story: What would Qantas' plan really mean for SPG employees?

The ASU is gravely concerned that Qantas is only telling staff select information about what would it mean if SPG employees were removed from the coverage of the ASU EBA and moved onto individual contracts.

All SPG employees need to know the full implication of Qantas’s plan – read the ASU SPG Q&A here.

From what Qantas is telling staff, you would think that individual contracts will mean better pay and conditions for all SPGs.

But without the protection of the EBA and the ability to negotiate collectively, Qantas would not be obliged to match your current pay or conditions when moving you onto individual contracts. 

And in fact – Qantas already has the opportunity to provide better pay and conditions for SPG employees through negotiations for ASU EBA12 this year!

The ASU does not believe that staff should be expected to make up your mind about Qantas' plan until you've been given all the information about what this could mean for you.

Read the ASU SPG Q&A here -- and help us make sure all SPG employees know the facts by sharing this with your colleagues.

And if you want to get involved with the ASU Campaign to protect pay and conditions for SPG employees, complete this survey today!