NDIS Delegates planning for the future

Earlier this month over 30 delegates working in the NDIS came together to discuss their hopes and heartaches working under the Scheme. They talked about what changes needed to occur to improve their working conditions and to develop a plan to ensure they are respected and valued.

Delegates raised concerns about:

  • increasing pressure to do more, but in less time
  • an undervaluing of their work
  • the constant cuts to training and development opportunities
  • the lack of job security that is turning people away from working in the NDIS
  • the new NDIS Code of Conduct and its implications for all workers

Delegates agreed that it will take workers across the sector– workplace by workplace – to unite if we are going to the make the changes that will improve our working lives. This means meaningful training and career progression, safe and secure jobs in the sector. 

Is your workplace ready to unite? Want to get involved to make the NDIS work for workers as well as clients? The first step is to hold a workplace meeting.

Register here to organise a Union meeting at your workplace and we’ll be in touch to help you set it up with your local ASU organiser.