Changes to the PDP

Sydney Water employees received an update from management about proposed amendments to the PDP review process. The ASU believes Sydney Water should not have sent this communication.

What’s happened so far?

Manager Industrial Relations Robert Hutchinson held a briefing session with ASU delegates and officials about the proposed new PDP system last week. Before the meeting we thought that we were about to commence consultation on changes to the PDP arrangements that would commence from July 2016.

But at our meeting, Robert advised that they intended that the new program (which has not been consulted on or published) will commence next week. Obviously, we expressed significant concern with this proposal!

The proposed change to the PDP program is a major organisational change. Changes to the PDP system affect:

  • how employees are paid
  • who might be made forcibly redundant, and
  • who might come under performance management and disciplinary action

ASU delegates have identified some preliminary concerns with the proposed new PDP system. As a result, we’ve developed a quick survey for members to complete.

Collaboration…we’ll get there eventually!

Members are aware we’ve been working hard to build a collaborative relationship with Sydney Water management and this means ASU members get consulted about the issues and changes that matter to you.

It’s really unfortunate that this morning’s communication was sent to members but we’ve now secured a commitment from acting MD Eric DeRoy that no PDP interviews will occur for EBA employees until proper consultation has occurred.

Where to from here?

While we know the existing system is not perfect, changes to the PDP system should only happen after there has been proper consultation.

ASU delegates have identified some preliminary concerns with the proposed new PDP system. As a first step to having your say, make sure you fill in this short ASU survey and keep an eye out for more information.