Paid Domestic Violence Leave

Did you know that the ASU was one of the first unions in Australia to pursue paid Domestic Violence Leave in enterprise agreements as an entitlement for members at work?

Sadly we know that Domestic and Family Violence affects a significant number of women, in particular, and paid domestic violence leave is an important condition many ASU members have fought for to ensure that workers can be supported by their employer if they ever experience domestic violence. 

This is important not only to provide practical support to women experiencing domestic violence, but also to demonstrate that domestic violence is a huge problem in our society and it is important those affected are supported at work. 

As conservative governments continue to attack women’s support services, including domestic violence support services, the ASU has been taking national leadership on this issue and last week moved a motion at the ACTU Congress regarding paid domestic violence leave (the ACTU Congress is a national meeting of all unions that happens once every three years).

Thanks to the work of ASU members, the motion was supported unanimously and now all unions support a national campaign to make Paid Domestic Violence leave a universal right enshrined in the National Employment Standards.

If you would like more information about the campaign let us know!