Our Union and Our Movement, fighting for job security

The NSW Chamber of Commerce, one of the main supporters of the Federal Government's attack on penalty rates, has its sights on our part time provisions in disability, social and community services sector. In a disgraceful move the NSWCC has applied to the Fair Work Commission to strip back hard won conditions so that bosses can essentially treat part time workers like casuals, except without casual loadings!

Back in 2013 part time members won the right to confirmed hours and days of work. This means hours can’t wildly vary from week to week, and gives working people certainty and security. The NSWCC wants to return to the old days where part timers in disability, social and community services were contracted to work zero hours but rostered at the whim of their employer.

Members are fighting back, busily preparing statements and submissions to be presented at the Fair Work Commission which will hear the arguments of NSWCC and ASU members on 14 March.

If you work part time in disability or social and community services, and would like to be involved let us know by clicking here.