Your go-to for the 2017 Budget and how it will affect ASU members. 

Tonight the Federal Government handed down a budget that entrenches inequality at the same time as rewarding corporations. 

The message from Canberra is clear: Don’t be poor. Don’t be unemployed. Don’t be vulnerable.
This Budget attacks those in our community who need the most support. The proposed changes to welfare would introduce a demerit system and random drug testing.
It would strip many of government support, making them dependent on already underfunded community services simply to survive. It would see our members in Employment Services police the very people they are trying to support. Instead of supporting vulnerable people when they fall on hard times this Government wants to kick them while they are down.

Putting a Price on Community Services
Just weeks ago the Turnbull Government announced it would restore funding to community and Aboriginal legal services. Tonight we discovered that this funding will now be “outcomes-based” but with no specification on these outcomes.
This new “outcomes-based” model has been rolled out in homelessness funding, where the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness and the National Affordable Housing Agreement funding will be merged and maintained but only if outcomes are met- but again no outcomes have been specified.
In homelessness and affordable housing, the Turnbull Government will introduce social impact bonds which guaranteeing profit for private investment in services to vulnerable people. Yes -the Government will guarantee a profit to corporations who want to set up providing services in our sector.
And just to top it off Foreign Aid funding has decreased for five years in a row - the lowest aid budget ever to support vulnerable people beyond our shores.

Disability, Aged Care, and Mental Health
In a move that is ignorant at best and offensive at worst, the Turnbull Government will seek to integrate the Disability, Aged, and Mental Health sectors. ASU members know the needs of people in these sectors vary incredibly and require person-centered responses not one size fits all.
Just $10 million a year will go towards a so-called workforce strategy for the entire NDIS and Aged Care sectors, yet at the same time, the Budget announced $209 million for a new NDIS Commission to monitor and police frontline workers in the sector. This Commission will go way
beyond anything we have seen before, considering not just criminal records but also including spent and quashed convictions and past disciplinary matters
But of course more money for more corporate tax cuts. While the most vulnerable are being punished, while workers are being policed, the big end of town has maintained its billions in tax cuts.

Equality is Union business
Instead of good policy, where individuals and corporations pay their fair share for a fair society, this Government has played the politics of blame with vulnerable people and the essential community services they rely on.
Tonight I am asking you to stand up and fight back. Help build our Union movement so we can fight inequality, fight for justice and demand dignity and respect for all in our community.
I ask that you forward this email to one person who should be a union member but hasn't joined us - yet. Ask them to join us as we fight for something better-a fairer society based on equality

Here are our breakdowns for previous Abbott/Turnbull Budgets: