NSW Gov sends Trains into chaos

Transport workers turned up to work today and found that the government has shut down their workplaces.

The NSW Government has cancelled all train services today in retaliation to a planned protected action by union members as part of bargaining.

Why are trains cancelled?

The NSW Government has shut down the rail network without warning.

Thousands of commuters have been left stranded with trains on the Sydney and NSW TrainLink services suspended in the early hours of Monday morning.

Trains cannot run today because the government has shut down the network, not allowing staff to work.

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Rail workers are not on strike

Rail workers have been bargaining for better safety and hygiene standards. Today the government has shut down the rail network to silence workers.

This government has caused chaos as people of Sydney struggle to get to work, school and important appointments.

Rail workers are ready to work. This is not a strike, but the government abandoning essential workers.

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