Civil Society campaign launch

Earlier this month the Social and Community Services Council, made up of over 70 delegates from NSW and ACT, met to discuss the challenges facing our sector, our work and the people we support each day. Delegates shared experiences about growing inequality in our communities and workshopped ideas about what it will take to improve our sector for all.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Council unanimously passed a resolution – launching a campaign for A Civil Society –

We believe in a society where no one is left behind: where the participation of all is valued and encouraged, where one's race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, income or postcode does not determine their right to justice, where those who can, help those who need it. We believe in A Civil Society. 

A Civil Society demands a community sector that is recognised and respected, a workforce that is valued and supported. We demand more.

The first step is to hold a workplace meeting to talk about what A Civil Society means in your community.

Register here to organise a Union meeting at your workplace and we’ll be in touch to help you set it up with your local ASU organiser.