New Enterprise Agreement at Uniting

New Enterprise Agreement at Uniting

Jessica, Donna and Owen are three union delegates from Uniting.

Every day they make the difference in the lives of the families, children and young people they support.

Our wonderful Uniting bargaining reps are currently in the process of bargaining for the Uniting Burnside Enterprise Agreement, and working with the union to achieve the best outcome for all ASU Child Youth and Family members at Uniting.

We are currently circulating a petition to ask Uniting to properly pass on Equal Pay to all Burnside staff. You can sign that petition here.

If you would like more information on the progress of the bargaining process, please contact ASU Organiser Stacey Sharkey on [email protected] or 0475 668 893.

Sydney Water Delegate Conference

Sydney Water Delegate Conference

Over 50 union delegates from Sydney Water came together for our annual Delegate Conference.

We’re essential workers - we kept our water safe and clean during the fires, floods, drought and now we’re testing the water for COVID. We can’t afford a pay cut. Our communities need a pay rise.

We deserve to be valued and respected at work. Delegates spoke about our plans for the 2021 Enterprise Agreement. 

ASU Support for School Strike 4 Climate

ASU Support for School Strike 4 Climate

The Australian Services Union is proud to support the students striking for action on climate change on 21 May.

Australian workers need a safe climate with secure jobs. But inaction from the Federal Government means we are being left behind in the fight for a safe future. Already, we have seen the devastating outcomes of climate change on communities all around the country and around the world.

Climate change is a workers’ issue – as it is working people, our families, our communities and our future generations who will bear the brunt if we do not see action from the Federal Government now.

The ASU proudly supports the students who are stepping up and demanding real and immediate action to tackle climate change.

Our future is in good hands when we have young activists all around the country standing together to secure a better future for our country, climate, workers and communities.

We have always been, and will always be by the side of young people fighting for a better future.

Find a rally near you at

Union Wins Award Improvements

Union Wins Award Improvements

Breaking News: The Fair Work Commission today has said it agrees with the ASU that the SCHADS Award should be improved to include:

🚗 Paid Travel Time between shifts
⏰ Broken Shift Allowance
🔄 Right to swap shifts
😴 Improvements to sleepovers
👍Better rights for part-time workers

We will be holding an All Member Briefing at 3pm on Monday, May 10th to let members know about these proposed changes to the Award, what they mean, and when they will be coming. Members can register for this briefing here. It will be recorded and available online for members who are unable to attend.

May Day Celebrations 2021

May Day Celebrations 2021

This year ASU members joined marches across the country to celebrate May Day - the International Workers' Day.

There were rallies in Parramatta, Newcastle and Wollongong.

ASU Secretary Natalie Lang spoke at Prince Alfred Square in Parramatta. Here are some photos and stories from the day!

Disability Sector: Vaccine Delays

Disability Sector: Vaccine Delays

Less than 6% of disability residents have received their first vaccination shot.

Disability workers are essential workers – but, along with the people they support, they’re being overlooked by the Federal Government.

Today ASU Secretary Natalie Lang joined Sally McManus and Aruma CEO Andrew Richardson at a disability hub in Sydney to remind the Government that our sector needs priority access to the COVID vaccine – without it we’re heading to a disaster.

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic disability workers continued to turn up every single day to provide essential services. Disability workers stepped up to the plate.

The Government seems to have abandoned its plan to roll out workplace vaccinations for the sector. In an understaffed and underpaid sector, with a high number of casual and gig workers – we cannot afford to keep delaying the rollout.

The Government needs to show they value people with disability and the people who support them.

National Press Club: Reena and Michele

National Press Club: Reena and Michele

Australian Unions President Michele O'Neil invited Reena, an ASU member and frontline disability worker, to her speech at the National Press Club.

It was frontline workers like Reena who made the difference and got us through the pandemic.

But this is a fragile recovery and the pandemic is still raging.

Workers like Reena cannot be left behind.

$56 million to be cut from homelessness services

$56 million to be cut from homelessness services

“You cannot say in one breath that you are concerned about the mistreatment of women and then cut the funding to essential services and women’s refuges.”

The Federal government wants to cut $56 million from homelessness services that support women and children leaving violence. This means women’s refuges will have to close their doors. Scott Morrison is all talk and no action and it’s not good enough.

ASU Secretary Natalie Lang speaks to 7NEWS Australia with Vinnies Australia at Elsie's Women's Refuge. Watch here.

Communities Need A Pay Rise

Communities Need A Pay Rise
This recession was the only recession in Australian history were profits went up.
They went up 15%.
Billionaires don’t spend profits, but workers spend pay rises.
Our communities need a pay rise to help us recover from drought, floods, fire and the pandemic.
If you agree join your union. We’re calling for a 3.5% increase to the minimum wage.
That’s an extra $25 a week for millions of Australians to spend in our local communities.

Neighbourhood Centre Workers Make The Difference

Neighbourhood Centre Workers Make The Difference

Recently Newtown Neighbourhood Staff met with their Organiser to discuss the campaign around leave entitlements being carried over within the community sector, as they are in the public sector.

NNC voted and moved this resolution:

We are workers who make a difference every day. We should be valued for the difference we make, we should be recognised for our contribution to a Civil Society over many years.

Portable entitlements will make a difference to the workers who make the difference. Portable entitlements will make a stronger sector and stronger services for the people we support.

We call on our colleagues to join our campaign and to our employers to support us.