300,000 reasons to join your union

300,000 reasons to join your union

This week disability workers reclaimed $300,000 in unpaid wages.

ASU members at a disability service in the Hunter worked together and won back their entitlements with interest on top.

Already this year the ASU has recovered over $1.1 million in unpaid wages for ASU members in NSW

Joining your union is the best prevention against wage theft. If you're a disability worker - join the disability union, the ASU here.

Not being paid properly?

ASU members can email [email protected], call 0293104000, book a call with an Industrial Officer or organise a workplace visit from the ASU.

Get in touch today. We are by your side.

Sydney Water Threats

Sydney Water Threats

Workers at Sydney Water are essential. We have been working through the fires, drought, floods and the pandemic to keep our water safe.

We are currently testing wastewater to help keep one step ahead of COVID. Our work does not stop, and we work around the clock to keep water running at your home.

We are currently negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement at Sydney Water - to make sure we can protect our pay and conditions.

After Premier Berejiklian announced a 2.5% increase to public sector wages, Sydney Water were forced to do an embarrassing backflip after having offered essential workers a dismal 1%. 

Since then Sydney Water have been in damage control. 

The Australian Services Union has heard extraordinary feedback from members this week about the lengths that Sydney Water is prepared to go to, to sell their unfair Enterprise Agreement proposal. 

It's been widely reported that Sydney Water has stated there will be "no backpay" if their EA offer is voted down. It is clear that Sydney Water is desperate to rush through their unfair deal.

The ASU is currently bargaining with Water NSW and Hunter Water and we can confirm that no such threats have been made by these employers. In fact, Water NSW has confirmed that when the pay increase is agreed it will be backdated until 1 July 2021.


Tax Time Member Benefits

Tax Time Member Benefits

Did you know that your union membership is 100% tax-deductible?

Your union membership can save you money and provide you with peace of mind protection in case anything happens at work.

We sent tax statements to members on 2 July 2021. If you need another copy, please email us at: [email protected]

Your Union-won Pay Rise

Your Union-won Pay Rise

Thanks to Union members the minimum Award rates of pay for workers in Community and Disability services are going up by 2.5% from today.

During a year of floods, fires, and a global pandemic – you have been the essential workers getting us through.

You deserve to be recognised for your skills and contribution to our community. Workers truly make the difference.

Community Sector Covid-Safe Briefing

Community Sector Covid-Safe Briefing

ASU members are performing essential work to support our community through the latest COVID-19 lockdown across Greater Sydney.

Last year, the ASU developed a suite of resources to help keep front-line workers safe whilst they performed their work.

Today, Assistant Secretary of the ASU, Angus McFarland briefed members working in the community sector on their rights to safe workplaces during the pandemic.

Halfway Through: ASU in 2021

Halfway Through: ASU in 2021

Somehow we're almost halfway through 2021.

Here are some of the ASU achievements this year.

Breaking: Annual Wage Review

Breaking: Annual Wage Review

Today, the Fair Work Commission has announced a 2.5% increase to the minimum wage and Award wages.

There are around 2.3 million workers who are paid the minimum wage or have their pay set by awards.

That's around one in five workers in Australia who rely on the annual review for pay increases.

The only people arguing for a wage increase has been the union movement. We are by your side.

There will also be a 0.5% increase to superannuation contributions from July 1, 2021 too.

The ASU, and unions across Australia, argued for a 3.5% pay rise - or $26.38 per week for a full-time minimum wage worker - in our submission to the National Minimum Wage Review.

The FWC said they were concerned about the impact of the vaccine rollout on the economy.

Big business argued that workers should only get 1.1% - but the Fair Work Commission listened to unions, and awarded a fairer increase.

Paid Vaccine Leave for Disability Workers

Paid Vaccine Leave for Disability Workers

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has written to Prime Minister Morrison to call on his government to provide two days special paid leave per vaccination for all workers in aged care and disability support services, as well as ensuring that all workers are paid for travel to and from getting vaccinated.

Disability care, in particular, is “characterised by high levels of insecure and casual work”, meaning many workers may not have access to paid leave.

Cuts to Medicare

Cuts to Medicare

The Federal Government wants to overhaul Medicare.

Patients could be out-of-pocket for common surgeries, including hip and heart surgery.

Early indications say some patients could incur more than $10,000 in out-of-pocket costs.

The Australian Medical Association has said changes could trigger "chaos" for patients and doctors.

Union members won Medicare, and we'll always protect it.

New training courses for ASU members

New training courses for ASU members

There are four brand new online training courses scheduled for June, exclusively for ASU members.

This month we have courses on:

and our popular Time and Stress Management course.

All our courses are available on-demand so that you can complete them at a time that suits you.

Every course is run by experts and designed for ASU members.

You receive a certificate for every course. Register today.