vote no

Voting is starting on the New Horizons Enterprise Agreement - we need to vote NO, to get New Horizons Management back to the negotiating table.

On the 15th June, New Horizons Management was told that members would vote to accept management proposals if three reasonable demands were met. Over 200 workers at New Horizons had signed a petition that stated that:

  • overtime provisions must not be below Award and industry standards
  • casual loading must not be below the Award and industry standards
  • employees on the Central Coast should not go backwards in their take home pay

New Horizons rejected our request to meet and amend the agreement. So now we need to vote NO so we can get back to the negotiating table and resolve our issues.

Throughout the negotiations, members have stood together. By standing together we have won a lot of improvements already but these outstanding issues must be addressed otherwise New Horizon’s conditions will go backwards and below industry standards. 

What you need to do:

  1. Tomorrow make sure you vote and VOTE NO!
  2. Spread the word – share this email with your colleagues and tell them to vote NO too. If they are not members of the Union ask them to get on board and stand in support of a better enterprise agreement by joining the Union today.

 You can join online here

Vote no – Get the details: