From the Secretary

Last year 48 millionaires paid no tax when 2.9 million Australians lived in poverty. The Federal Government can spend more on a non-binding dangerous survey on the right to equality than it will on addressing homelessness.  The Fair Work Commission will reject a case for 10 days’ paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave because it fails to meet the Fair Work Act’s necessity test.

It is time to mobilise.

Two weeks ago ASU delegates came together to discuss growing inequality and the impact it has on our communities, our sector, and our workplaces. Coming out of this meeting delegates determined that we must unite and demand better for the communities we support and for ourselves as workers.

We launched A Civil Society and over the next few months delegates and organisers will be coming out to workplaces to hear from you about your concerns at work and your ideas and hopes for a better future.

It is ASU members on the frontline who see the devastating effects of bad policy and poor funding decisions- it will be ASU members on the frontline of fighting back against inequality.

I look forward to hearing your ideas for A Civil Society.

In Union,

Natalie Lang