Being an ASU member means that you are part of a 12,000 member strong organisation united to protect and improve wages, working conditions and your rights at work. Members get access to expert support, information, tools and resources to help you navigate your career.

We are with you Every Step of the Way, with you when and where it’s needed. We support our members throughout their lives.

As an ASU member you can access support at times like:

  • Studying;
  • Starting a new career;
  • Advancing your career and changing jobs;
  • Dealing with issues at work;
  • Significant life changes like starting a family;
  • Help with daily life and combating the increasing costs of living;
  • Preparing and transitioning to retirement.

If you haven't already, you can join the ASU online right now!

Are you studying or looking for your first job? Free student membership gives you access to:

  • Heaps of great resources for first-time job seekers;
  • New contract checklist to make sure you’re getting your entitlements;
  • An awesome community of like-minded people;
  • Industry newsletters - so you can stay up to date;
  • Advice on commencing employment and changing jobs.

Check out our ASU Students website to join and learn more.

From studying to retirement - we’re with you Every Step Of The Way.


Wherever you go in your career, your union will be there for you. We work to make sure there are supportive career paths and training in all our sectors. ASU members can access our online training portal to boost your skills at the ASU Career Launchpad.

ASU Career Launchpad provides courses on:

  • Moving jobs and advancing your career;
  • Preparing for leadership;
  • Communication skills;
  • IT skills;
  • Your rights to Parental Leave.

We also provide free membership to you your professional body, The Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners.


Make sure you’re being paid fairly and get help navigating the world of contracts and awards with our experienced Industrial Services Team.

Issues can arise at any time in workplaces, so make sure you are protected with your ASU membership.

We provide expert information and tools to address your concerns, equipping you with strategies to ensure that your working rights and entitlements are respected. We will stand by your side Every Step of the Way.

Make sure you’re being paid correctly - our members-only area provides relevant awards and pay rates. ASU members can contact our Member Assistance Line (02 9310 4000) to learn more about:

  • Advice regarding your employment contract;
  • Issues regarding your rosters, pay and leave entitlements;
  • Workers compensation;
  • Assistance with bullying and/or harassment in the workplace;
  • Enterprise Agreement Bargaining;
  • Contacting your workplace union delegate.


We understand that many life changes such as the arrival of a child, buying a house, losing a loved one, taking a redundancy, or experiencing family violence all have an impact on your working life. We have developed a range of information and tools to support you through these changes under our Every Step of the Way initiative.

ASU members can contact our Member Assistance Line (02 9310 4000) to receive assistance regarding:

  • Accessing parental leave;
  • Flexible working conditions and caring responsibilities;
  • Access to our free legal referral for conveying, family law, and generalist legal services with Slater and Gordon;
  • Your free Will writing service;
  • Navigating superannuation funds and entitlements;
  • Tenancy Rights;
  • Support when experiencing family violence;
  • Taking long-service leave.


The rising costs of daily living have a big impact on all of our lives. As a member you can take advantage of the collective buying power of more than 1.8 million union members across Australia to get big discounts from a great range of companies.

ME Bank is owned by industry super funds which means all profits go back to workers. By being an ASU member you can access ME Bank’s exclusive offers for union members.

As an ASU member you get:

  • Discounted groceries and petrol through Member Advantage;
  • Discounted health insurance through Union Health;
  • Help with budgeting, tax returns and making the most of your superannuation;
  • Free Journey Insurance to keep you covered to and from work;
  • Free Professional Indemnity Insurance for all members working the community and disability sectors;
  • Access to our holiday units at Forster-Tuncurry at a member discounted rate.


Transitioning to retirement is the final step of your working life, something that is coupled with significant changes. As part of our Every Step of the Way initiative, we have developed a range of resources and industrial support services to assist in this transition. We fight for the right to equality and dignity for all of those in retirement.

Only ASU members get the expert industrial advice to plan the transition to retirement:

  • Flexible part-time working conditions;
  • Taking long-service leave;
  • Calculating your retirement budget
  • Accessing your superannuation, campaigns and advice;
  • Accessing a free legal referral to Slater and Gordon for retirement planning;

You can also join our Forever ASU Proud Network to continue your union activism in retirement.