Members defend Equal Pay

The lowest paid youth workers in Australia – that’s what staff at Premier Youth Works were facing until they decided to join together in Union to campaign to have their correct Equal Pay rates paid at work.

Like many ASU members working in child protection and out of home care services, members at Premier Youth Works have significant experience and specialist qualifications in the work they do.

Yet their employer has outrageously classified a significant number of youth workers at level 1 of the SCHADS Award.

Premier Youth Works has also refused to pass on the Equal Pay increases won by ASU members in 2012 even though they have been in receipt of the extra funding for the increases from Government for over 2 years.

Earlier this year Premier Youth Works members decide to join together and organise their workplace to change this situation. Today the vast majority of staff are now Union and are campaigning together to make sure they are properly classified and paid for the work they do. The dispute is currently at the Fair Work Commission and ASU members are hopefully of a positive announcement soon.

Taking a stand to defend Equal Pay increases is important for all workers in the sector because if one or two rogue employers can get away with this it will affect standards for all of us working in the sector.

Good luck to all ASU members at Premier Youth Works in your campaign!