Member view: Sue Moss, Grafton

I work in the disability sector and love working in this industry because I care about people.

I don’t believe that just anyone can do this job; you have to have a passion for it and want to make a difference in people’s lives.

It can be demanding at times but with this comes a sense of satisfaction and it is rewarding.

My role as a delegate also brings a sense of satisfaction as I am passionate about fairness for my workmates.

Talking up the benefits of being a Union member to new workers is important, as is distributing information to the members. Delegates also represent the collective views of members to management.

Keeping in contact with my organiser keeps me up to date with what is going on in our industry and our Union.

I think the best thing about being an ASU member is that we are based on democratic representation of the interest of members. We are strong and active when we need to be. And always united!

One of the most amazing things our Union did was to take out travel insurance for its members when the O’Farrell Government abolished it. How brilliant was that! And of course our Equal Pay case! I am very proud to have been involved in that process.