Our Leadership Team

Judith Wright, Natalie Lang and Narelle Clay

Our ASU Proud Leadership Team:

Secretary Natalie Lang
Deputy Secretary Judith Wright
Executive President Narelle Clay
Water and Ports President Robert McLean
Transport President Ben Kensington
Hunter Water President Matt Dries
Private Sector Industries President Paul Rowe
Social and Community Services President Narelle Clay


Our Union has never been afraid to take on the big social and industrial issues- like Equal Pay. We have a very proud tradition of mobilising, of campaigning, of dancing to win fairness and equality for all workers.

It’s because Equality is Union business. We continue in this tradition today as we campaign across the Disability Sector with the rollout of the NDIS and lead the charge for universal paid Domestic Violence Leave.

I am proud to be the Secretary of our Union and am excited about the changes we will make together.

Natalie Lang
Branch Secretary


Our Union has the resources to make sure that every member is represented if she needs support in her workplace. We have a growing network of ASU workplace delegates who are dedicated to stopping workplace issues before they happen- but if they happen we are ready with our Member Assistance Line on 02 9310 4000.

Members are ‘union’ covered from the time they leave home to the time they return, with our Journey and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I am proud to be the Deputy Secretary of our Union as we support members throughout their working lives.

Judith Wright
Deputy Secretary

If you would like to speak to any of our Leadership Team, you can send us an email or call our Sydney office on 02 9310 4000.