New Training Courses for ASU members

ASU Career Launchpad has a range of new courses to boost your skills and help you resolve difficult work situations.

Dealing with Difficult People at Work 

Difficult behaviour at work can leave you reeling, stressed or anxious. So, if someone at work is causing you stress, how do you deal with it?

With expert presenter Karen Smythe  

Monday August 16th 2021


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How to resolve Disputes At Work 

A guide through some common disputes in workplaces – pay, health and safety, bullying and sexual harassment. Tips for making your case and how to get help.

Presented by expert ASU industrial officer Joanne Knight 

Monday August 23rd 2021 


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First Nations Workers - The Campaign for Wage Justice 

Join Lara Watson, Indigenous officer with the Australian Council of Trade Unions and organiser for the First Nations Workers Alliance as she discusses the importance of Wage Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers and what wage justice could look like. Learn why there is a need for a ‘Wage Justice’ campaign and how you can be an ally.  

Monday August 30th 2021 


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