Latest Training for Union Members

The ASU Career Launchpad is your exclusive member-only professional development program designed for ASU members. Below are just some of our upcoming courses available free of charge for union members.

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Make Your Writing Stand Out
Monday 22 March, 1:00PM

This session will go through some of the basic principles of writing in the workplace. Learn frameworks for email etiquette, writing principles and more!

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Inequality and COVID-19 
Wednesday March 24 12:30 - 1:30pm

With special guest Dr. Jim Stanford - Director, Centre for Future Work 

Jim Stanford, director of the Australia Institute's Centre for Future Work  - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Goal setting and getting things done
Wednesday 24 March, 1:00PM

Learn how to prioritise workload, deadlines & timeframes. Identify tips, techniques and frameworks for goal setting and implement practical teamwork plans.

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Building personal resilience
Monday 29 March, 1:00PM

In this session, you’ll learn how to recognise and define resilience, apply practical resilience strategies and tools into your everyday situations and increase your ability to build and maintain positive, healthy and stress-free workplace relationships.

Presented by Sherelle who has worked in varied health and education settings for over 25 years. Since completing a PhD and Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2007, her focus has been on health enhancement, particularly mindfulness and stress management, for students and staff at Monash University.

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Dealing with difficult people
Wed 31 Mar, 7:00PM

Ever dealt with difficult customers, colleagues, or just difficult people? Hear from, Karen a professional trainer and life coach with 30 years’ experience in the training industry.

We will cover how to identify root causes of difficult behaviour and how to approach and manage difficult people. This includes how to deal with passive and aggressive behaviour.

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