Your Union-won Pay Rise

Thanks to Union members the minimum Award rates of pay for workers in Community and Disability services are going up by 2.5% from today.

During a year of floods, fires, and a global pandemic – you have been the essential workers getting us through.

You deserve to be recognised for your skills and contribution to our community. Workers truly make the difference.

In 2012 ASU members won Equal Pay in recognition that our sector has been historically undervalued. When we won Equal Pay in the Fair Work Commission, we secured ongoing pay increases each and every year to the minimum rates of pay in our Award.

These new rates represent a 2.5% increase from July thanks to ASU members and our campaign for Equal Pay.

You cannot be paid less than these pay rates – check your pay against the new rates in your next pay period that falls on or after 1 July 2021.

From this month, you will also get an additional 0.5% increase in your superannuation contributions to a total of 10%. This is in addition to your 2.5% wage increase.

Thank you to the Union members that made this happen!

You have been at the frontline supporting our community through the COVID pandemic, a recession, floods, fires, and drought. You make a difference each and every day.

Let your colleagues know it is thanks to Union members that wages are going up today – and they should join us so we are stronger together.


These changes take effect on the first full pay period after 1 July. If you have any concerns, contact your Union on (02) 9310 4000 or via [email protected]. Sign in to the member-only section of our website to download your copy of the new SCHADS Award pay rates.