NDIS Report: "Action is Needed"

The final report by the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme has said that “ambitious action is needed to adequately address issues within the NDIS workforce and to safeguard the availability of safe and quality supports for NDIS participants into the future."

As the disability union, the Australian Services Union gave evidence to the Government review into the NDIS workforce.

Today the bipartisan committee released its key findings:

  • the NDIS funding model incentivises casual work, reduced job security, lower pay and poor training practices
  • NDIS pricing does not enable the sector to consistently offer stable employment
  • Workers and their unions should be consulted on NDIS pricing, to reflect the skills, value and complexity of our work

The report also acknowledged our campaign for better training and careers in the NDIS. ASU Secretary Natalie Lang is quoted:

"It's going to be very important that workers are provided with the cost of the training but also paid time to be able to attend that training. And that can't come out of participants' packages. It really needs to be an additional source of funding"

We have a plan for training in the NDIS

Disability workers are standing with people with disability and their advocates to demand the Best NDIS. The fact that the Report acknowledges some of our concerns is encouraging - now the Federal Government must take action.

Click here to read the report and its recommendations.

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