Job insecurity at all time high: Report

A new report from a Senate Committee into Job Security in Australia has found that job insecurity is "is damaging the physical and mental health of Australian workers, and it is holding back Australian wages and the Australian economy"

Workers employed in permanent full time jobs fell below 50% of the total workforce in 2018. 

The consequences of this steep rise in job insecurity are dire.

Workers in insecure jobs:

  • are 30% more at risk of heart disease
  • 60% more at risk of depression
  • 11 times more likely to report unwanted sexual advances at work.

On the top of the list of concerns is the NDIS workforce.

A recent government report showed that the NDIS still needs 85,000 new workers to be fully operational. ASU members working in disability sector know for the NDIS to be the best it can be, we need to attract and retain workers with job security, training and career progression.

Maurice Blackburn lawyers agree:

"a highly casualised, piecemeal approach to work will deter potential new entrants into the disability sector workforce"


Taking evidence from hundreds of workers, employers and advocates, including the Australian Services Union, the report recommends:

  • Any platform that engages workers to provide NDIS support work owes a duty of care to those workers regardless of their employment or visa status
  • That the NDIS Act be amended so all NDIS workers are covered by the SCHADS Award

The Committee also agreed with the ASU that

"unregulated 'Uberisation' of the disability care workforce presented a significant threat to the future quality and sustainability of disability sector employment."

You can read the full report here.

Take Action

The antidote to rising job insecurity is union membership. Unions give workers a voice in the workplace and advocate for better conditions. If you want to improve job security and conditions in your workplace, join the Australian Services Union today.

Are you a disability worker? Take action to make the NDIS the best it can be.