is there anything Joanne can't do?

In the space of 12 months Jo Marks, proud disability worker and union member, has been elected union delegate, attended delegate training, taken on her employer and is now the newly elected Health and Safety Rep.

Jo is passionate about workplace safety. After attending delegate training she decided to challenge her employer’s decision to deny her nomination as Health and Safety Rep. Jo sought out the information she needed to stand her ground and defend her right to be nominated. Jo’s employer backed down and members went on to elect Jo as their HSR this year. Jo completed her HSR training just this month and is now ready to represent members’ rights in both industrial and WH&S matters.

Jo says ‘delegate training gave me the knowledge and confidence to take on the role. It enhanced my skills and I am supported constantly which encourages me.’ Congratulations Jo Marks- HSR and awesome union delegate!

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