Important Update on Salary Packaging - change is coming

 In the recent Federal Budget, the Abbott Government described your salary sacrifice benefits as “excessive” and they have proposed to cap meal and entertainment benefits at $5000 per year. Now the Government is also reviewing all salary sacrificing arrangements for workers in not-for- profits as part of their tax reform white paper.

 Salary sacrificing has been used by not-for-profit organisations for many years to attract workers to the sector. The federal government seems to think that this is a “distortion” and provides not-for- profit organisations unfair advantage in “hiring and retaining staff” compared to the for-profit sector.

We want to hear your stories about what salary sacrificing means to you and your families. We know that salary sacrificing in the social and community services sectors helps you to pay for childcare, make your mortgage repayments or rent, top up your super or take a holiday. Email us your story about how important salary sacrificing is to you to [email protected] so we can make sure your voices are heard in this debate.