Hunter Water Bargaining Issues

We, ASU members at Hunter Water, want an agreement that delivers/addresses: 

  • Fair Pay & Conditions
    • A fair pay rise which values our work, rewards us for increased productivity and enables us to meet rising costs of living. We reject the 2.5% pay rise under the NSW Liberal Government’s Wage Policy as it is unacceptable
    • Increased superannuation contributions
    • Equality in performance pay and working hours
  • Respect at Work/Access to opportunities
    • All decisions by managers to be fair and transparent
    • Removal of achievement plans as they are not consistent across the organisation
    • Concerns about lack of merit-based recruitment and direct appointments
    • Concerns about the lack of recruitment in some areas leading to pressure in teams and high workloads
    • Reasonable timing of job advertisements
  • Safety at work
    • Safety must remain a priority and productivity measures should not be pushed at the expense of employee safety
  • A balance of work responsibilities with family and other responsibilities and leisure time including access to:
    • Flexible and family friendly working hours
    • Paid family and domestic violence leave
    • Consistency and fairness in application of leave practices and management across the business
    • Accrual limit of RDOs and loss of RDOs by employees in the business due to workload
  • Job Security including:
    • Enhanced procedures to minimise outsourcing and compulsory redundancies including a commitment to internal recruitment, redeployment and retraining
    • Improved consultation processes so that members get a genuine say in all decisions which affect them at work
    • Fair and transparent redundancy procedures which ensure that members who are affected by restructures are not forcibly redeployed
    • Fairness of redundancy entitlements for long-serving employees - removal of 15-year service limit on calculating redundancy
    • Concern around the extensive use of contractors and labour-hire within the business - offer existing labour hire employees jobs within Hunter Water
    • Bring contact centre in-house