Fighting for the rights of casuals in our sector

The ASU is working with other unions to advance the rights of casuals. We are putting the case in the Fair Work Commission for all Awards to include the right for casuals to convert to permanent positions and for minimum 4 hour shifts for casual and part-time workers. I know that many ASU members are “long-term casuals” who work regular shifts and would like the opportunity for permanent employment.

A number of ASU members have stepped up and volunteered to be part of our case to improve conditions for casuals and part time workers. Well done and thanks to these members. Together we can make a difference.

While the case is only in its early stages big business, Australian Business Industrial and the NSW Business Chamber have stepped in and tried to exclude SACS workers from the case! This is outrageous! They argue that because of the NDIS, the community sector should not be included in the case and that casuals in the community sector should not have the same rights as every other worker in the country! 

If this makes you angry let your colleagues know about what’s happening and encourage them to join the ASU to be part of fighting for better conditions for casuals. Forward them this email and they can join online here. If you would like more information about the case let us know by replying to this email.