Your equal pay

Here's the link to your new pay rates!

ASU members campaigned together to win pay rises for every single worker in the sector. We marched in the streets, danced in front of Parliament House, signed petitions, met with local MPs and did everything we could that would ensure our work was fairly recognised and valued.

The Fair Work Commission found that the work we do in the community sector was undervalued and underpaid. ASU members won pay rises of between 23% and 45%.

This is a once in a generation victory which means that every December 1 until 2020 is an ASU won Equal Pay Day.


How you can celebrate?

Across NSW and the ACT, workers are today celebrating Equal Pay Day. Members have made Equal Pay cupcakes, and some workplaces are remembering the historic campaign by watching this video at their next team meeting.

The best way to celebrate is to make sure your colleagues know that these pay rises were fought for and won by ASU members. Joining the union is the best way to ensure that we are respected at work and paid a decent, fair wage. There's so much more to do in this sector, and we need everyone to put their hand up and say "I'm in".

So, this week - when you check your next pay slip, take time to ask your colleagues to consider being part of the Equal Pay Union, the Australian Services Union. Ask them to join online here.

Being part of the union that won Equal Pay for Community and Disability Workers is one of the many things that make us ASU PROUD.

What are the new rates?

You can find out what the union won pay rates are by clicking here. This is a resource for union members only.

Along with valuable information such as pay rates, union members receive many member only benefits - such as:

  • free journey insurance
  • free professional indemnity insurance
  • access to our Member Assistance Hotline
  • free membership to our sector's professional body
  • the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners 
  • and of course, protection at work.

Together our voices are louder.