The best way to ensure we get a fair outcome is to encourage your colleagues to join the ASU. Here are a list of resources you can download, print or share to help support the EBA 11 campaign for a better future.

Download a membership form and pass it on to your colleagues.

Why join?

  • Being part of the union means you get a say
  • You get the ASU in your corner in times of need
  • Only union members get free journey insurance
  • You can access the Members' Assistance line for help or questions
  • Membership is tax deductible
  • Most people say the reason they never joined a union is because no one ever asked them
  • You don't want to accept management's wage freeze!

Click here to download a union membership form.

Help spread the word at work 

Check out the latest workplace poster and put one up in your workplace today. Download it now.


Download the WE SAID YES poster. WSY_teaser.JPG

Share the Sydney Morning Herald article about the wage freeze with your colleagues. Get a copy.