EBA11: log of claims

Good secure jobs

  • Maintain in EBA 11 all existing conditions
  • Include all side letters appended in EBA 10 into EBA 11
  • Ensure all vacant full time roles/lines are filled
  • Improve redundancy entitlements and process
  • Provide ability to transfer all entitlements between QF companies
  • Ensure fairness, equity and access for all categories of employees
  • Improve job share agreements
  • Increase minimum part time hours per week
  • Provide a meal allowance for part timers on extensions 

Work/life balance

  • Improve staff travel
  • Improve duty travel and travel time provisions
  • Provide improved access to annual leave and long service leave
  • Improve access to DILs and leave to attend to personal matters
  • Provide domestic violence leave and support services
  • Seek reclassifications for a range of positions
  • Improve rostering
  • Provide the ability to work from home
  • Improve access and process for flexible work arrangements
  • Increase paid parental leave to 18 weeks

Decent wages and super

  • 5% pay increase per annum from 1 July 2016
  • Increase allowances annually for either CPI or the wage increase
  • Increase super to 12%, paid on parental leave
  • Improve performance pay procedures for SPs, their classifications and pay rates
  • Allow SPs to buy back RDOs
  • Continue the side letter dealing with the interpretation of some of EBA 10 clauses
  • Ensure that any ambiguity in any EBA clauses is removed
  • Length of EBA to be determined
  • Such other claims that arise during bargaining

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