Delegate profile: Di Ryan, CareWest

Di has worked as a disability support worker in Care West’s Orange day program for 4 years supporting people with disabilities to access their community and participate in living skills programs.

Di has always been a union member no matter which sector she has worked in. Di developed an awareness of the importance of WH&S while a member of the AMWU and has brought that passion and knowledge into her role as an ASU delegate.

In the three years since Di was elected a delegate there have been ups and down at her workplace and some substantial Union wins.

With the help of Di’s representation members’ have won: 

  • Employer paid first aid training
  • First aid allowance paid to all workers who hold a valid certificate
  • Greater consultation about changes to rosters and programs
  • Quarterly meetings with senior management and union delegates to discuss issues and ideas

Di is as practical and approachable in her delegate role as she is with the people she supports every day. Overall Di just wants to see fairness and respect flourish in her workplace as both a service principle and a workplace culture.

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